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Here at Searching for Publishers, we give you the chance to become a published author, while keeping the rights to your written work and retaining full creative control. Self-publishing gives you the artistic freedom that traditional publishing does not provide. With self-publishing, see your manuscript go to print quickly at an affordable price without having to sacrifice quality.

We help you find services to publish, design, and edit your book, as well as to market and advertise it.

Searching for Publishers was created to help you find the right publisher for your book and to get you in touch with publishing professionals, who will take great care of your book without compromising your rights and creative control. Tell us what you need and how you want to publish your book today.

Fill out the form and tell us about your book! You will receive a confirmation email and a professional consultant will contact you within the next 48 hours.

Helping Writers Find the Right Publisher for Their Book

Writing is a craft that requires skill, experience, and passion. Even the creation of a single manuscript takes a lot of patience. With the tremendous amount of effort put into weaving words into sentences, it is only fitting that the right publisher takes this collection of ideas and turns it into a book that will last generations.

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